About AssetOn

Our Story

In 2016 AssetOn was established to satisfy demand for high-quality maintenance and asset management professionals.

Since, we’ve become the leading, national provider of asset management skills, experience, and tech solutions.

Over the years, we’ve broadened our service range to address common asset management and maintenance issues that cost time and money.

In September 2023, AssetOn Group which includes OnPlan Technologies was acquired by COSOL – a leading global provider of asset management solutions that spans across the people, process, systems, and data elements of asset management.

As part of the COSOL group of companies, we now have an unrivaled set of proprietary platforms and professional services to get even better results for our customers.

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Our Vision

Our vision has always been to create a company where we all genuinely value the people we work with, as having that mindset is the most powerful thing, we can do to ensure the business as a whole and our clients are successful.

Our Values


Being honest, dependable, and following through on our commitments is core to the AssetOn business.


We encourage collaboratively as a group in order to achieve our goals and deliver on the services we provide


We take pride in providing a high value service that we stand behind, which ensures our customers satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for excellence, encourage innovation, and being leading edge in the products and services we deliver.

Our Strength

With excellent people in our team, and hundreds of exciting project opportunities, you can trust AssetOn to provide long-term career growth and project success.

The AssetOn Experience

For AssetOn Professionals

For the asset management professional who wants not just a job, but a careers partner, AssetOn provides ongoing opportunities, support, and career growth. As a result, members of the AssetOn workforce feel:


understanding that you’re part of a strong national network of the best in asset management, hand-picked for the project at hand.


that you’re supported by dedicated team members who know you, your skills and career goals.


as you gain new skills and opportunities for career growth by selecting to work with AssetOn.

For AssetOn Clients

If you seek reliable, job-ready professionals who will get the job done. Or if you need industry solutions that save time, money and effort, talk to AssetOn. Because our clients feel:


by an industry partner that knows, first-hand, asset management challenges and solutions.


that they’re able to rely on AssetOn to flex and scale with needs on technical, consulting and workforce needs.


toward goals and continuous improvement according to world-class asset management standards.