Anthony Large: End-to-End Experience Drives Solutions

I see a lot of mine sites struggling with very similar things: not having the right skill sets on site, and having messy, incomplete data.

When it comes to managing and maintaining your machinery, and keeping people safe, deficiencies in skill and data pose a real risk. Human health and safety is paramount of course, and few would want to ignore the risk of a major piece of critical plant going down for days, weeks or more.

Many of our clients are trying to streamline their businesses and hoping one person can perform multiple roles. On paper you can make a good case for this, but the reality when it comes to asset management is that it can leave the site exposed to major issues.

The complexity and demands of planning and asset maintenance roles means they really need to be separated to do them properly. When you’re overloading staff, it’s not long until you get issues with quality. And if the master data suffers, we all know the consequences can be huge.

I’ve enjoyed a long career as a maintenance specialist and there’s not many problems I haven’t seen. But the real value I can add to my clients stems from the fact that my experience is genuinely end-to-end, starting nearly 30 years ago as a diesel fitter before diversifying into planning, maintenance and management.

Having this experience allows me to really connect and partner with my clients in a meaningful way, understanding their challenges from an equipment, data, management and business perspective. And like everyone at AssetOn, I love the challenge of simply making things better, safer and more efficient.

When I look at a mine site, I know their core business is pulling ore out of the ground – maintenance is just something they’ve got to do to make that happen, but rarely do the skill sets and time exist on site to manage asset maintenance strategically and efficiently.

By working smarter and with a powerful data platform, our team of specialists can take the peak load away from our clients, drastically improving the quality of their data and reducing risks.

I’ve seen first-hand the value of quality master data in allowing end users to better plan, budget and forecast material availability and improve execution of critical tasks. When sites and OEMs have reduced stock on hand this becomes even more relevant for major component changes, to ensure there is availability of materials and labour.

It normally doesn’t take much convincing for people ‘on the ground’ in sites to understand the value of strategic asset management. But what we do is often a significant investment, which is why communicating the value and putting together a strong business case is always high on my list.

By partnering with clients, drawing on my own experience and utilising the skills and expertise of the team at AssetOn, we’re able to deliver innovative asset management solutions to clients that make a real difference, short and long term.

Like Anthony, our consultants hold a wealth of industry experience and partner with our clients to build intelligent, sustainable, high-value asset management solutions. Get in touch with us today for a confidential discussion.

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