AssetOn-Hastings Deering Joint Project Delivers for BMC

A new and industry-shaping partnership between AssetOn and Hastings Deering has passed an initial test with flying colours.

The pairing took on an ambitious project at the South Walker Creek Coal Mine in the Bowen Basin, owned by BHP Mitsui Coal (BMC), building a Bill of Materials and Work Instructions for a Cat 992K Wheel Loader using Hastings Deering source data and AssetOn’s custom Advantage Software.

While building a BOM and work instructions for the wheel loader isn’t ground-breaking in itself, doing so in under one month, with great accuracy and at 30% less cost than using on-site labour more than shows the outstanding potential of the partnership for mine sites in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The power in the partnership is derived through the high level of accuracy that can be achieved in both BOMs and work instructions through the combination of source data direct from the manufacturer with the efficiency and scalability of AssetOn’s software.

The most obvious benefit in all this is the speed and efficiency at which these crucial documents can be delivered, but the benefits run far deeper when you consider the flow-on effects of on-site efficiency and safety offered by the supreme accuracy of the document contents.

“Accurate BOMs and work instructions save real time and money on sites, as well as contributing greatly to improved safety through hazard reduction and maintenance scheduling,” says AssetOn Managing Director Stuart Burckhardt.

“When machines break down, they are often many kilometres away from maintenance crews and sheds. Arriving to the site without the proper parts or the correct tools costs a lot of downtime, especially if the breakdown site is an hour round-trip.

“There’s also significant gains to be made in safety and hazard reduction, both by having a proper maintenance schedule documented and implemented and also by building critical controls into work instructions that ensure two sets of eyes are over everything and hazards are well known ahead of jobs being executed.

“Our software also enables new legislative safety requirements to be quickly built into documentation, keeping sites safe and compliant.”

Stuart Burckhardt, AssetOn

In a real win for the client, AssetOn were able to build the work instructions into BHP document templates and deliver them in MS Word format, optimising familiarity and a smooth transition for employees.

The BOM provided by Hastings Deering was also mapped into SAP load sheets so the data could be loaded directly into BHP’s OneSAP system.

“This project is a great demonstration of the benefits our partnership with Hastings Deering can deliver,” continued Burckhardt.

“By having our experienced team of technical writers and master data experts use our internal software tool to develop documents, we delivered the fixed-price project at huge cost savings, outstanding accuracy and in less than a month.”

For further information about this partnership, visit or call 1800 277 386.

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