Avoiding equipment fires with High Quality Work Instructions

Imagine a large hydraulic excavator working on a mining or construction site.

Sure, it’s being driven by workers with appropriate licenses and the job itself has safety and risk management processes like toolbox talks, but a lot of the safety information still exists in large manuals, cross-referenced with disparate information from OEMs and previous jobs, and not readily accessible or available to staff.

Now imagine that same excavator engulfed in flames while in operation.

These incidents CAN be avoided

Many hydraulic fluids are combustible and used under high pressure, a combination which presents a considerable fire hazard where ignition sources are present. The excavator fire was a real event investigated by SafeWorkSA in 2012, fuelled by the sudden release of hydraulic fluid at high pressure creating a mist which was readily ignited by the hot surfaces of the machine.

In 2015, 385 fires were reported to the Queensland Mines Inspectorate, with over 90% of these involving fixed plant and mobile equipment. Unfortunately, 15 to 20% of fires occurred after a maintenance event, with investigations indicating components were fitted or secured incorrectly, not being replaced (particularly those that are heat affected, such as hoses) and inspection standards not providing specific guidance on installation standards

Clear, repeatable work instructions are vital for every maintenance process, but on this job, and many like it, correct procedures were not developed.

Why AssetOn?

AssetOn provides a quicker, easier way to develop and maintain detailed inspection documents and clear work instructions. We work with you to build fit-for-purpose work instructions for your as-built equipment using your company’s own standards and templates.

This means clear, executable steps all the way from machine setup to commissioning and test, with site-specific safety and environmental hazards highlighted and the necessary personnel, PPE and tools and equipment listed.  And, once built, work instructions can easily be modified or re-built to reflect updates and changes.

We use OnPlan to automatically assign document features, ensuring data is consistent and version control is easily maintained. This smart technology combined with our team of technical experts means the right knowledge and skills are applied where and when they are needed.

The result: consistent, high-quality work instructions, bills of materials and master data making work safer.

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