Geoff Boon: A system is only as good as its data

The best ERP systems are only as good as the data they hold, and unfortunately there are so many businesses migrating rubbish data into shiny new systems but ending up with the same result.

Improving data quality is one of the most valuable things we do for clients, but it’s not just about filling gaps. It’s about understanding data structures, understanding systems, and understanding the needs of the business.

My background is in working with SAP and one of the advantages I can bring to clients is that across my 32 years in asset maintenance, I’ve audited data systems in a multitude of different industries and had exposure to the many different ways that SAP can be structured to solve problems or map out maintenance.

I can use this experience to guide clients on the decisions they can make before or after an implementation, and what the impact of those decisions will be. I’ve seen how data can be structured in so many different ways through a wide variety of industries, so I know the best ways to structure data to get the best results for the client and their assets.

What I’ve seen change during my career is the skill levels on site, specifically the diversity of skills people have – they just aren’t getting exposure to the planning, scheduling, reliability, finance and maintenance management that was once the case.

Roles are more distinct now, so there’s been a loss of skill diversity through the course of time and trying to get someone who has the full breadth of skills to understand, construct and manage an end to end asset program is very difficult and very expensive.

The advantage that we can deliver clients at AssetOn is that we bring a whole host of skills to a project, skills that someone onsite is unlikely to have – and in any event if they have the skills, they’re most likely too busy.

The risks of not having a handle on asset management can cost a lot of money every hour the plant or equipment is down. Data that supports asset management also supports the whole planning, procurement and finance process. If you can’t plan for the right parts and the right labour, your efficiency is compromised and you’ll get huge delays.

Helping businesses overcome these challenges in today’s environment is the reason I started AssetOn with Anthony Large and Stuart Burckhardt.

We all have a genuine desire to provide value and deliver real outcomes for clients. We don’t just tell clients what they want to hear, we given them honest and objective appraisals and the best solutions to their problems.

Like Geoff, our consultants hold a wealth of industry experience and partner with our clients to build intelligent, sustainable, high-value asset management solutions. Get in touch with us today for a confidential discussion.

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