Work Packaging
Delivery Solution

Forget Paper-Based Process & Workflow

You can’t digitise asset management process without digitalising maintenance content first.

OnPlan is purpose-built to digitalise content and workflow for asset managers, including:

  • Work instructions
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Equipment inspections
  • Maintenance Work packs
  • Equipment strategies
  • Service sheets

Digitalising asset management and maintenance content and workflow achieves massive improvements in efficiencies, accuracy, safety and asset stability.


Key Features

digitise content 60% faster

Demand for increased efficiencies, mobility and automation, has Asset Managers faced with the mammoth task of digitalising thousands of files.  

OnPlan is a digitalisation tool-kit built to enable digitalisation of maintenance content at scale.

ERP Integration

Drag'n'Drop task Manager

Centralised assets database

Mobile & Tablet Responsive

Equipment strategies Automation

Asset Management Digitised End-to-End:
Content, Workflow and Feedback

OnPlan addresses the inefficiencies and inaccuracies associated with managing complex maintenance documents and operating procedures using paper and manual-based processes. 

OnPlan optimises asset management content, workflow and feedback:

Digitalise 60% faster

Import tools, refined data models and asset-centric data structures combine to digitalise.


Present detailed instructions, checklists and feature-rich 3D diagrams in a user-friendly mobile app on any tablet or mobile device.

Capture Digitally

By enabling seamless digital data capture in-field, OnPlan optimises the timeliness, accuracy and usability of data for action and analytics.


Gain visibility into assets and maintenance work with OnPlan data. Zoom in to see images captured at the asset for crack growth, or zoom out to see trends across models and sites.


OnPlan excels where users work on business-critical infrastructure, including mining, manufacturing, oil & gas and utilities.

Unplanned equipment failure and downtime due to inefficiencies, poor maintenance or gaps in workflow present a significant risk to employee safety, production targets, business reputation and cashflow. 

OnPlan addresses issues related to paper-based workflow to achieve multiple business-critical performance improvements, including: 

  • Reduced administration & human error
  • Increased visibility into maintenance history & asset health
  • Maintenance productivity and performance
  • Improved document versioning control
  • Feedback on procedures and documentation captured digitally for action

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