Because Data
is an Asset, Too

Master Data Solutions from AssetOn

Improving master data health is a critical first step to improving the value data can deliver to the maintenance operation.

AssetOn has one of the industry’s largest master data libraries. And we have a range of cost-effective master data solutions to achieve high returns on investment in the form of efficiencies, accuracies, automation and insights.

Forget about having technical writers onsite. 

Instead, save time, money and effort by outsourcing master data cleansing and management to our agile team of master data specialists.

We can optimise your data for any ERP or CMMS.

Master Data as a Service

Healthy master data = healthy operations.


Seamlessly manage CAT Equipment spares.

Master Data as a Service

Outsource master data requirements to AssetOn’s team at 30% less than what it costs to hire directly, with our Master-Data-as-a-Service model.

In one flat-rate monthly fee, our team will create, enhance, and manage master data in an ongoing basis to satisfy operational need, including:

  • Equipment Strategies
  • Work Instructions
  • Bill of Materials
  • Spare Parts
  • Document Versioning
  • Data Security
  • Quality Control
  • Data Maintenance

Healthy master data quickly boosts asset management performance and business value.

You’ll quickly achieve new levels of efficiency and performance improvements to generate 100% returns on investment in AssetOn MDaaS costs in less than 36months.


Streamlining your operations.

data reliability

Enhances workforce productivity.

Reporting Capability

Improves decision-making.

Systems Optimised

Improving efficiencies.

DATA governance

Improves cross-functional performance.
MDaaS from AssetOn:

Healthy Data =
Bigger Business Value

AssetOn has one of the industry’s largest master data libraries, including:

Strategy Tasks
Bill of Materials
Work instructions
Equipment Models

Got CAT Equipment?

If you seek to improve the performance of your CAT® fleet, stop wasting time on spreadsheets and outsource CAT® Bill of Materials data management to the team at AssetOn.

AssetOn is partnered with Hastings Deering to provide an industry-first master data service for all new and in-service CAT® Equipment. You’ll have a customised, validated BOM that satisfies your CAT® fleet and business needs. We’ll deliver data packages for your ERP or CMMS.


- Accurate parts and materials lists
- OEM validated part numbers & supersessions
- Apply demand forecasting
- Order parts directly
- Reduce direct purchasing costs


- Deliver the right part requirements at the right time
- Reduce unplanned downtime
- Track parts usage in your ERP
- Improved equipment availability

Operational Improvements

- Correct parts delivered for execution
- Reduced inventory
- Reduced emergency freight cost
- Improved budgeting
MDaaS from AssetOn:

Save time, money
+ Improve Data
& Performance

Return on Investment in 36months
0 %
Saved on Internal Resources
- 0 %

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To get started, get in touch.