Mobile equipment legislation – maintaining compliance

Legislation for mobile equipment compliance is updated periodically, and often in response to reportable incidents happening on site.

With each update to legislation, the onus is on you to ensure your asset management, work instructions and bills of material are updated accordingly.

Legislative changes happen once or twice a year, and updates and notifications happen each month. And when you consider the potential for perhaps one thousand documents in need of updating each time, the volume of work and risk to data quality is high.

Consider this…imagine it took you just five minutes to update each document – that’s working at decent clip. But multiply it by a thousand documents, and you end up with a touch over 83 hours of work staring you in the face.

That’s two weeks! And you’d want to really hope your work has been accurate and consistent the whole way through, too.

Too much work, you say? Not necessary, because we know what we’re doing on our site? Perhaps, when everything’s working well and the stars are aligned.

But we all know things do go wrong on mine sites. It’s dangerous work in an often urgent environment. And if you haven’t reacted to legislative changes, notifications and updates and built them into your asset management strategy and systems, you’re very liable should something go wrong.

It’s got the potential to shut a mine down. But putting maintenance strategies in place and having the documentation to say you’ve done due diligence gives you coverage, should the worst happen.

Our value to clients with the AssetOn Advantage software is ensuring asset management keeps pace with legislation, and that documentation is there for compliance.

We collate information from multiple sources, including site specific rules and OEM manuals, to become a sole source of information specific to your equipment and site. This is an ongoing and evolving process.

The value of what we can offer with the Advantage software is the ease of which we can update and output multiple documents very quickly compared with the traditional manual approach. That two weeks of work we talked about earlier? With the AssetOn Advantage, it’s done on the same day – and with astounding accuracy.

Does it guarantee nothing will go wrong on site? No – but nothing will. But it does provide significant risk mitigation and huge efficiencies in maintaining documentation. And if something does go wrong, you’ve got a leg to stand on.

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