New AssetOn-Hastings Deering Partnership a Win for Mine Sites

A landmark partnership between industry leaders Hasting Deering and AssetOn is set to deliver significant productivity and efficiency gains to mine sites in Queensland, the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

The partnership will see AssetOn deliver their patented master data service for all new and in-service Caterpillar equipment distributed by Hastings Deering and supply master data packages for SAP, Oracle and other major CMMS and ERP systems.

The deal has the potential to drive significant gains in efficiency and productivity on mine sites, as well as making machinery and maintenance safer to carry out.

How Will Mine Sites Benefit?

The core benefit delivered by this partnership for mine sites is the high level of master data accuracy obtained by having AssetOn’s industry-leading software working directly with Hasting Deering’s source data.

The partnership will bring next level asset management to mine sites through:

Greater Planning Efficiency

  • Accurate materials and parts lists
  • OEM validated part numbers and supersession
  • Apply demand forecasting
  • Order parts directly
  • Reduce direct purchasing costs

Better Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Deliver the right part requirements at the right time
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Track parts usage in your ERP
  • Improved equipment availability

Lower Operating Costs

  • Correct parts delivered prior to task execution
  • Reduced inventory
  • Reduced emergency freight cost
  • Improved budgeting

In times when most sites have a laser sharp focus on costs, being able to make smart decisions and accurate forecasts on site is more important than ever.

Why AssetOn and Hastings Deering?

The partnership not only represents a win for users of heavy machinery, it’s also a natural fit for two companies who are established at the lead edge of their field.

Hastings Deering are one of the top five Caterpillar dealers globally, with approximately 3000 employees across 23 business service centres throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.

The company has mission to help customers maximise their fleet performance and optimise costs, which according to Darrin Lingard, Services Marketing and Solutions Manager at Hastings Deering, is made that much simpler by partnering with AssetOn.

“Working closely with customers and helping them realise greater efficiency, safety and reliability has long been a driving force for us,” Lingard said.

“The partnership with AssetOn really takes this ethos to the next level with their master data package being available to all new and existing customers.

“The potential to reduce downtime and save money is enormous.”

AssetOn Director, Stuart Burkhardt, agrees. Launched in 2016, AssetOn brings together industry-leading experience and expertise in asset management, delivered through the AssetOn Advantage master data service which builds and maintains work instructions, bill of materials and master data for mining assets.

Burckhardt says that recent analysis conducted by the company revealed a typical mine site could expect to save between $380k to $2.4M per year through effective use of master data.

“Working directly with Hastings Deering the accuracy of our data will be second to none, enabling maintenance and repairs to be forecast ahead of time and downtime and hazards reduced substantially.”

“Hastings Deering supply heavy machinery to the bulk of the industry, which means this partnership provides so many mine sites with the opportunity to drastically improve productivity, safety and cost efficiencies.”

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