Site Validation: the Difference Between Generic and Specific Documents

Getting the strongest results and the highest levels of efficiency in your asset management program relies on having data that works seamlessly with the operating environment of your site.

OnPlan is the way we achieve this for clients. It’s a better way to build and maintain work instructions, bill of materials and master data for mining assets, and ensure documentation and data are specific to your site.

But equipment is equipment, right? Does each site really need such a level of specificity built into documents? Are there risks with using generic versions?

Well, the answer is yes. And no.

Nothing is ever a problem until something goes wrong – so generic work instructions or BOMs may suffice for a period of time. But we all know things do go wrong on site, things break and machines go down. In the best cases, this causes down time and costs money. In the worst cases, people are hurt in the process.

On every site, there are specific tools, equipment, warnings, hazards and a language that are particular to that site. Site validation using OnPlan software allows us to take generic level data and work out all the things that will make it a lot more useful for the site and the work.

In short, it ensures that your asset management, work instructions and BOMs utilise all of the knowledge we have about your site, which is so much more useful than relying on an ‘off the shelf’ solution.

The other huge advantage of working with us? We’ve re-looked at how asset management is done, and it doesn’t make sense to have someone sitting on site managing data and writing documents. Because not only do they have all the distractions of a site, there’s also all the costs associated with FIFO andit’s also unlikely that the person will possess all of the skills they need to do that job properly – which compromises quality.

By working for clients off site, we can quite easily pull in people from our team who are expert in all manner of machinery, laying out documents, technical writing, and data structure. There’s numerous skills and expertise that we can supply, and being off site means we can do this efficiently and at less cost.

Our software takes advantage of automation and repeatability to deliver outstanding levels of consistency, too. And when we’re talking about creating perhaps a thousand documents, the chance that a single human can maintain consistency throughout that process is very low, not to mention costly.

Our highly skilled team in combination with agile software gives our clients a quality output at a lower cost.

Learn more about the advantages of the agile OnPlan solution, and book a confidential discussion with us today.

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